We began our commercial operation in 2015 specializing in the e-Commerce and IT business solutions. PT. Kuryotech Indonesia commits significant resources to staying in trends and developments across the technology landscape. Therefore, our company is always ready to work with you in uncovering new opportunities. Through our innovation and R&D services, we can help you develop new business models and IT-based services that can be rapidly prototyped, tested and shipped.

Our office is located in the city of Surabaya, an industrial city and the second largest city in Indonesia with the population of over 3,114,700 million in 2012. There are diverse Industries established in Surabaya including textile, apparel, foods & beverage, golds, teak furniture, to handicraft products. Madura, located nearby Surabaya, has various industry potentials such as salt, Madurese batik, local snacks, and many more. East Java is rich of teak and there are a lot of home industries creating furnitures and handicrafts made of teak wood. Surabaya leather handicraft is also famous in Indonesia. The vast number of industries in this area provides a huge potential for IT Business Solutions and become a cradle of e-Commerce businesses.

As international markets present dynamic growth opportunities, corporations and business owners put a lot of attention to extending their business from an existing physical presence to an e-Commerce channel. According to the article from Deloitte:

"Since 2009, global eCommerce growth in new markets has significantly outpaced the U.S. as well as other mature markets. Growth in mature markets like the U.K., Japan, and Western Europe is slowing to make way for emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and most notably, Asia Pacific, which has shown the fastest regional growth and strongest market base over the past three years. These trends are expected to continue."


You might find other software development companies ill-suited to your collaborative style. On the other end of the spectrum, they may not measure up to your expectations. PT. Kuryotech Indonesia focuses on collaborative working attitude. We will communicate and work closely with your company in every progress milestones to deliver and exceeds your expectations.


We bring you structure and dedication to order.


We understand that security is one of the most important concern in your organization.


We ensure honesty and authenticity of our works.

High Expertise

The talent across our team is deep and wide.


We collaborate inside and out. We value your ideas.

Your Startup or Idea could be the next big thing.
"We can help you get there."

PT. Kuryotech Indonesia is the entrepreneurs' partner for developing business and software solutions that grow your idea into a profitable business. We will work together with you to perfect the business ideas and provide invaluable insights to turn your dreams, business ideas, and passion into reality.

You may have ideas, but don't know exactly how to set the gears in motion. "We will help you get there"



Kuryotech’s commitment to doing business ethically and legally is the DNA of the company’s culture. You can be assured that we deliver our product and services with the highest work professionalism and moral values. We consider your business best interest and ensure your confidential information and interest secure.

This commitment is further manifested in Kuryotech’s Code of Conduct, which is authorized by Kuryotech’s Founder and socialized to all employees and extended to other parties who work together with us.


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